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School supply season is starting at all of the stores and I am missing it again :(

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Dear Norway,

We need to have a conversation about corn.

Yes corn.

It is a delicious vegetable, especially when it is fresh. I really enjoy it as part of some meals. But you do not seem to truly understand how it should be used.

First of all, it should never, NEVER be pre-cooked then vacuum sealed and sold in grocery stores. It becomes rubbery and chewy and really gross. Did I mention that it become rubbery? Eww! Is finding fresh corn all that difficult here? Apparently.

Secondly, there are some foods that I personally don’t think should contain corn. Let me make you a short list:

* spring rolls, egg rolls or any other asian/thai rolled food

* pizza ( ham, mushroom and …. corn? pepperoni and …. corn? beef, onion and ….corn? hmm….)

* pre-packaged salad mix (we’re talking chopped lettuce and once canned corn, that is it)

* many types of burritos

* hamburgers

What is comes down to is this. For a country so obsessed with corn, you really don’t don’t have a clue.



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School’s out for summer!!

And that means that I am unemployed until August 25th. I’m okay with that :)

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You know you live in Norway when 23 C (73ish F) feels like an inferno. Ugh!

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I am going to a Metal Festival tonight, as in black metal music. I am not sure how I feel about this.
Daniel keeps telling me to embrace the darkness in my soul. I keep telling him that I am not sure that there is enough of the right type of darkness. He responds by making a comment about either piercing part of my body (usually my nose) or giving me a tattoo (usually of a skull).


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Amsterdam —> Copenhagen —> Oslo —> Trondheim for Easter weekend.

Belgium and the UK (and maybe Scotland) for the first week and a half of May.

Life certainly could be worse!

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